• The Significance of the “Ecocert COSMOS® ORGANIC” Certification

    Did you know? Since January 2017, a new organic label has been created to regulate organic cosmetics: the “ECOCERT – COSMOS® Organic” label. Find out the significance of this new label. For many years in Europe, eco-friendly consumers have had the choice among several organic labels each with their own set of rules and specific

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  • Is Topical Vitamin C Essential for Skin Health?

    Vitamin C is considered to be the great skin fortifier. It protects our vulnerable cell membranes from the ravages of solar radiation and environmental aggression. This powerful antioxidant is the most abundant vitamin in our skin, but we can’t make it ourselves. So, this means adding vitamin C to your diet and skincare is imperative! 

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  • Pigmentation: the ABCs