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science is art, art is beauty, beauty is natural

ARTEBELLA was founded in 2018 on the belief that quality skincare is grounded in ancient knowledge and sustained by advanced science. We build our promise based on decades of medical experience and research, with a vibrant passion for holistic health.

ARTEBELLA began as a family business, named for family and philosophy. Collecting her decades of experience working with product development teams, in skincare clinics, her consultancy for medical spas and working with plastic surgeons, Anita decided to launch her own business. With a keen eye for what to look out for, she carefully selected brands to carry and expertly incorporated them into treatment plans.

Kira began by shadowing her, observing and assisting. Always asking questions, she learned firsthand the ins and outs. In her own time she researched botanicals, ingredients, formulations, and the science of skin.

Now working side by side, they offer the best of a dynamic mix of consmeceutical bioactives and organic skincare, combined with the latest tried and true technologies.

bringing together past present and future

Founder of ARTEBELLA Netherlands


With over 30 years’ experience in medical skincare, Anita’s passion for her profession is undeniable.

She began her journey into the world of aesthetics in her early teens, experimenting with makeup and cosmetics with and on her friends and family. In later years, she travelled to Switzerland, teaming up with a biochemist to develop an organic botanical skincare line. From here, her career path was set.

Over the decades since, she has worked with plastic surgeons, assisting and observing procedures and coming to intimately understand the form and function of skin.

Founder of ARTEBELLA Canada


What happens when you mix a philosopher’s mind with a botanist’s hands and an artist’s soul?

Born into the world of aesthetics, she inherited experience: growing up alongside scalpel and cream. Above all, she is true to her values and disillusioned with today’s beauty standards. She believes in the beauty inherent to a healthy mind, body, and soul: that health is the natural indicator by which an ideal is defined.

Kira carries a creative vision and solid ethic that translates into quality care that is in itself an art form.

The medical team.

Whether expert advice is needed for a medical concern, or specialist referrals are desired for further treatment, our international team of medical specialists provide invaluable support.

Mr Serryth Colbert

Maxillofacial Surgeon (UK)

Mr Serryth Colbert is a leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon based in Bath, specialising in cosmetic facial surgery, facial deformity surgery and various oral treatments. Mr Colbert has published widely on the topic of oral and maxillofacial surgery in international textbooks and routinely presents worldwide. For his work and research, he has also received national awards and is proudly and actively involved in multiple charities, taking part in several surgical charity workshops in developing countries.

dr Michiel Tellier

Plastic Surgeon (NL)

Michiel Tellier has worked as a plastic surgeon at the Isala Hospital in Zwolle, the Netherlands for over 20 years. Michiel has a strong background in reconstructive surgery. His specialties include breast reconstruction, hand surgery, cleft palates, and congenital abnormalities. He also specialises in cosmetic surgery of the face, neck, and body.

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