What People Are Saying

Skincare at ArteBella has been a wonderful experience. The convenience of having world class skincare on Bowen has been a game changer. I’ve always wanted to do microneedling and tend to my skin but it is too time consuming to commute to the city. She is thorough, dedicated, educated, curious and committed. Anita is passionate about her products and about skin treatments. I always know I am getting top of the line quality products that are often imported from Europe as they are not yet available in Canada. Her products, treatments and procedures have excellent results. It has been so fun to finally be doing skin care.


Bowen Island, Canada

Great news that Anita has opened this skin care clinic. I have known her for many years and am confident that she will provide the best service available!

David Watson

Founder of BioMedic (La Roche Posay)

Co-founder of Philosophy & Glowbiotics Advanced probiotic skincare

There is a diamond sitting in Lemele. If you are a person looking for a Top Notch aesthetician anywhere in the Netherlands. My advice……Run and see her. Anita is the most fantastic skin care professional that you could ever dream for. Her work in the United States was superior and she has taken that talent back to her roots. Her skill and passion are off the charts and you will get the best treatments ever.
If you go once, I promise you, you will not only get educated you will walk out feeling, revitalized and your skin will be the best it has ever looked. If you want thorough, thoughtful, professional skincare, look no further. You will thank me in the end. I cannot express this enough. Truthfully, she is a rock star and elevates the industry tenfold by her ability to problem solve your issue and not only that provide you gentle nurturing and loving care that is rare today. My only wish is that she was back in the United States, I have yet to find ANYONE who comes close to her talents and more importantly integrity in her profession. She deserves 5 stars hands down. Enjoy all.

Brenda S.

Massachusetts, USA

I received a microneedling treatment which was amazing, but most importantly, I already see results after the first treatment! My skin feels softer and firmer. I definitely want to proceed with more treatments, I recommend this for everyone who wants more beautiful and cared-for skin.

Jeanine S.

The Netherlands

I choose Anita because of her experience and skills, but most importantly, because of her personalized touches. 

For over 20 years, Anita has worked in a high-demand plastic surgery clinic in the U.S. where she performed dozens of complicated skincare treatments every day.  That’s why I think she has probably more experience than most medical spas or doctors who perform only a few treatments every day. Her skills and knowledge are unparalleled, having worked in a busy sought-after medical environment in the U.S.  But what really sets her apart is her client-care.  While doctors with skills and knowledge can be found elsewhere, it’s not easy to find someone who actually cares about each client and looks after them long after treatments. 

I have known Anita since I was in my early 20s when I visited her at a plastic surgery clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Now in my mid- (actually late) forties, I still call Anita even when I have a slight question about my skincare.  She always takes her time to carefully assess my condition and then give me an effective suggestion on what and how to handle it.  This isn’t easy given that Anita and I usually live in different countries.  When we first met, I lived in Tokyo and Anita in Arizona.  She couldn’t look at my skin in person all the time, but I would describe her my problems.  Then she’d suggest a natural remedy that I can find locally or sometimes send me products to help alleviate it.  So she wasn’t merely consulting me to push and sell me her products or treatments, but because she sincerely cared about helping me with my skin problems. 

Over the twenty-some years, my skin problems have evolved from acne and breakouts to fine lines and sun damages.  My life has also changed – from being a carefree college student to a professional and a mother. Anita takes all of these life circumstances into consideration, too, when she suggests my skincare regimen.   She doesn’t just treat you in one zap and let you go.  She will stay in contact with you to make sure that your post-treatment process is smooth and stress-free.  She takes a truly holistic approach in this sense. I don’t know of any other dermatologists who would take the time to do that. 

Anita’s treatment environment is another sign of her personal touches.  A visit to Anita doesn’t feel like the cold sterile clinical office but has the warmth of a high-end spa. The treatment rooms are equipped with the latest machines and clean, hygienic amenities but also furnished like a tranquil spa with plush linens, dimmed lights, and serene music to help you relax and soothe.  All of this is why I choose Anita.  It’s rare to find someone who can offer you this combination – the skills, the experience the tranquil environment and the caring touches she provides before, during, and after the treatments.  I highly recommend Anita, and I wouldn’t go elsewhere.

Kiki O.


During the last 10 years I have been having skin problems, a “puzzle” for the dermatologists and also after visiting private skin care clinics I was told they could not help me. My skin issues were sometimes so severe that I was not comfortable leaving my home. I had a cabinet full of products that I was promised would heal and improve my skin but unfortunately, no such luck… In a last attempt, I was researching products that were less chemical, more in tune with nature. I found ArteBella where Anita during the first consultation just like “all others” promised improvement. Anita seemed very enthusiastic about her products, but for me it felt like just another product. Anita noticed this immediately and she did not insist on purchasing any products and offered samples instead to try. I am now 5 months down the road and my skin has improved drastically (already!). I can say that Synergie Skin improved my skin. Even make-up is no longer a problem thanks to the mineral make-up. After buying all expensive products which deteriorated my skin I now have finally found affordable skincare products and make-up which improve my skin, thanks to the outstanding, expert guidance of Anita.

Danielle W.

The Netherlands

I underwent an eyelid procedure at ArteBella. When it was healed after 5 days (no more crusts) a world openend up for me. I could read books again and watch TV. When I looked in the mirror I even felt a bit teary from happiness. I also used the products for almost a year and you can see clearly a difference in my skin. Anita takes all the time to explain and advise and is very knowledgeable. I am very happy with the results and I definitely give my recommnedation. Thank you Anita.

Ineke K.

The Netherlands

Anita is gifted! Her understanding of all skin types and issues from teens to mature skin issues is truly extensive. I have never had better results over the years with any other aesthetician. I highly recommend her.

tyla p.

Arizona, uSA

Anita is a fabulous aesthetician and has knowledge well beyond her years. All you have to do is look at her skin! She is immaculate, educated and very, very knowledgeable!

Colleen W.

Arizona, USA

Anita is the ultimate professional: she approaches skin care with a healthcare provider attitude and delivers treatments with the ultimate service industry aplomb. Her skin needs evaluations are always on target; she creates an individualized treatment that encompasses health, beauty and life style changes. Her delivery is supporting and enchanting in the same time. Her problem solving is meticulous and she makes you feel like you are her best friend and the most important person in the world. Her sensitive nature and exquisite sense of beauty nurtures both the physical and psychological well-being. Love her and her way of caring for her clients.



Anita is kind and knowledgeable and has a genuine interest in addressing the specific skin care needs of the individual. She’s even helped me in the US from The Netherlands! She also has a vast knowledge of organic products which is important to me. Would recommend her to anyone!

Georgina Lemere

Arizona, USA

In my adolescence, I suffered from acne. This acne left deep marks on my face. Through Anita’s professional and expert treatment, my face has practically healed.Now, 5 years later, I am still happy with the achieved result. My immediate circle of family and friends noticed the result as well. The improvements continued for some time after the treatments, in part due to the advised homecare regimen recommended by Anita that I have been using daily. My skin also feels smoother and tighter now.

With Anita, you’re very literally in good hands. She is caring, careful, professional, and has humour (making for a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere making the treatments more manageable). Afterwards, I underwent another round of treatments, in part by Kira, to remove several lesions in various places – also with good results. Though young, Kira was already a budding talent. In short, I highly recommend.

Rene F.

The Netherlands

De hoofdpijnklachten zijn enkele jaren geleden begonnen. Dagelijks had ik last van hevige hoofdpijn, waardoor normaal functioneren lastig was. Ibuprofen hielp de klachten te onderdrukken, maar zorgde er niet voor dat de klachten ook verdwenen. Ook fysiotherapie mocht niet baten.

In april ben ik bij Artebella gekomen en heb aangegeven wat mijn klachten waren. Anita heeft vervolgens verschillende massagetechnieken toegepast. Na slechts een behandeling was er een duidelijk merkbaar verschil. De klachten waren aanzienlijk minder. Na 14 dagen heb ik wederom een behandeling gehad. Na deze behandeling is de hoofdpijn volledig verdwenen en ook niet meer teruggekomen. Nu ben ik al bijna een jaar klachtenvrij.

Rudie K.

The Netherlands

Ja het was een hele fijne ervaring! En zeer goede voorlichting en uiterst goede behandeling! De perfecte locatie in de natuur draagt bij aan een hele ontspannende ervaring en goed gevoel die ik eraan over heb gehouden.

Bedankt X

Khira L.

The Netherlands

Eigenlijk heb ik mijn hele leven al puppy-ogen. Nu is er helemaal niks mis met puppy’s (sterker nog: ik ben er dól op), maar ik bedoel met puppy-ogen van die afhangende oogleden. Niet van die prachtige amandelvormige kijkers dus… Lange tijd heb ik me nooit zo aan mijn puppy-ogen met bijbehorende oogleden gestoord (want ja, het hoorde ook wel bij mij), maar toen ik vorig jaar 50 werd dacht ik: “Ik moet hier toch eens iets mee!”. De gedachte aan een operatieve ingreep maakte me echter op voorhand al panisch, zodat ik vervolgens dacht: “Laat maar zitten…”. Ik vond het eigenlijk ook weer niet erg genoeg om ervoor onder het mes te gaan. Waarom snijden in een gezond lichaam? Voldoende argumenten om er niks mee te doen. Einde oefening dus.
Totdat ik hoorde van het bestaan van ArteBella in het prachtige Archem (tussen Hellendoorn en Ommen; notabene op een steenworp afstand van Henri’s ouderlijk huis). Toen bekroop me toch weer het idee om wat aan m’n oogleden te laten doen. Anita Rullens maakt namelijk gebruik van een vrij nieuwe techniek: met behulp van plasmalicht behandelt ze op effectieve wijze oogleden, rimpels en oneffenheden. Geen chirurgische ingreep, want er komt werkelijk geen mes aan te pas! 
Daarnaast combineert ze meer dan 20 jaar werkervaring in een hypermoderne Amerikaanse kliniek voor cosmetische chirurgie met een gezonde dosis Hollandse nuchterheid en heel veel geduld (handig bij iemand zoals ik, die voor geen meter stil kan blijven liggen). Je bent bij Anita ook aan het goede adres voor massages, microneedling, peelings of “gewone” huidverzorging. Anita is echt een skin-goeroe!
Hieronder een foto van krap een week na de 2e behandeling (meestal spreekt Anita 2 behandelingen met je af om tot het gewenste resultaat te komen). De korstjes van de prikjes zijn er net af! Het is in de loop der tijd nog verder ‘opgetrokken’, maar je zag echt al na een week resultaat! Hieronder in een reactie zal ik een foto doen van vóór de 1e behandeling en vóór de 2e behandeling, dan kun je mooi de progressie zien – als ik tenminste een foto kan plaatsen als reactie! Ik ben er blij mee. Van die puppy-ogen kom ik nooit helemaal af, maar de oogleden zijn wél een stukje strakker (zonder dat ik een Connie Breukhoven II ben)!

Gerdien G.

The Netherlands

Zo lang als ik mij kan herinneren heb ik een moedervlek op mijn neus. Ik heb het nooit storend gevonden totdat de moedervlek groeide. De huisarts stelde mij gerust, ik hoefde me voorlopig geen zorgen te maken om de groeiende moedervlek. Toch was de moedervlek al een behoorlijke “bult” en bleef ik me zorgen maken. Maar weghalen was voor mij ook geen optie, want dat zou betekenen dat de moedervlek weggesneden zou worden. Dat wil ik absoluut niet, ten eerste omdat ik het niet durf maar ten tweede ben ik bang voor een litteken.

Anita van Arte Bella vertelde mij over de DAS Plasma behandeling waarmee zij de moedervlek weg zou kunnen halen. Ze stelde me gerust door haar kundige uitleg, ook liet ze zien en voelen hoe het apparaat werkte. Ik besloot het te proberen, maar ik had geen idee wat ik zou kunnen verwachten. Na de behandeling was “de bult” volledig weg en bleef er slechts een klein korstje over. Na een week viel het korstje eraf en mijn huid herstelde mooi. Het resultaat is verbluffend, geen litteken, geen snijwerk… ik ben ontzettend blij.

Danielle W.

The Netherlands